a pretty typical drive to work. Just outside of revelstoke, bc.
the talented @nige_magee poked me this talisman last night. Odin’s spear Gungnir.
stopped by my dad’s place; got spoiled.

hello all

this space began as a collage of images meant to lead me from a box i had trouble seeing beyond. i built this tumblr for myself as a safe place to dream, to gather ideas, to remember the things that are important to me.

i am happy to say that my absence around here in the last few months is because i’ve been too busy living that collection of images. because my days are full of projects, of unexpected adventures, of learning, of really hard work, of a little loneliness, of love, of risk and fear and hope.

i’ve decided to change a little of the content around here. i am going to share a bit more of my own life, post some pictures and tell you a bit about what i do.

as late fall rolls around my time will be a little more free i plan to put together another page of my more creative enterprises. i write poetry and short fiction and have decided i’d like to publish some of it online. do any of you have experience in this department? i’d love to hear how you’ve done it, how you’ve seen it done, what you think gets read in terms of formatting etc etc.

changes will be gradual as i am still busy playing in the sun instead of sitting at my computer. you are welcome to follow my instagram account @wanderingelk 

for now friends, be brave. go forth. do.



Maryann Bates Photography
Combat knives
Jocelyn Catterson